When creating a roof, having tinsmithing capabilities is a great asset. In a roofing project, this includes the creation and installation of all metal components. A good roofing job is a major undertaking. To ensure a safe result, only a professional tinsmith can help you. They are able to create durable, custom-made metal parts.

With their know-how and specific skills, tinsmiths can guarantee flawless work. They are also able to repair and inspect your metal roof and fascias.

A poorly installed roof can definitely impact the level of comfort that your home can provide, leading to recurrent problems such as leaks, humidity and bad ventilation, which are costly to repair. It’s preferable to have a tinsmithing expert handle the job. With this type of roofing, the installation of a soffit and fascia are essential in order to ensure good ventilation in your attic.

Because tinsmithing allows you to have custom-made tin and sheet metal parts in the colour of your choice, you can have a roof that meets your specifications. The aesthetic aspect of a roof shouldn’t be overlooked because it is often a very visible part of your house, especially if it’s steeply pitched! This option allows you to have a roof that matches the rest of your home.

At AllStar Roofing, our services include the installation, repair and inspection of metal roofs and fascias as well as the installation and repair of soffits.

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