asphalt shingle roofs

insulation, inspection, snow removal


Shingle roofs are the perfect option if you want to prevent humidity, because asphalt shingles create a thoroughly insulated roof. Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing material in Quebec and AllStar Roofing has the expertise and experience required to install them!

Another advantage of a shingle roof is the wide selection of colours available. You’ll have no trouble finding a model that you like and that matches the style of your home.

This type of roofing is also very energy-efficient. Thanks to its excellent insulating properties, it keeps your roof cool in summer by reflecting the rays of the sun and retains the heat in your house in winter. Asphalt shingle roofing can easily withstand big changes in temperature – a definite advantage in Quebec! The adhesive strip and nails also allow this type of roof to withstand high winds.


Although we specialize in installing asphalt shingle roofs, we also offer our customers a wide array of services. We can help you with the repair and maintenance of your roof so that it lasts a long time and maintains its insulating properties.

To avoid premature damage, it is essential to visually inspect your shingle roof once a year, especially if there’s been a lot of wind and snow during the year!

We also offer roof snow removal and flat roof cleaning services. Another of our services is the addition of skylights and roof dormers. And, because we maintain everything related to your roof, we also repair prefabricated and brick chimneys.

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